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SKYN® condoms model's Crystal Yu, Leila Hoare, Anara Atanes, Debbie Atter

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Love sex.
Hate condoms.
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There’s a SKYN® condom that’s right for everyone. So what’s your SKYN® type?

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A revolutionary material, a new world of experience and no natural rubber latex allergies: what’s not to like?

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Polyisoprene is not like natural rubber latex. The molecules in Polyisoprene are very different, and they give SKYN® condoms some quite revolutionary characteristics.

Most importantly, this means a SKYN® condom gives a close to natural feeling. Plus SKYN® condoms are rigorously tested and meet the highest safety standards. So this makes SKYN® condoms as sensible as they are sensitive. All of which makes SKYN® condoms the modern choice.

the-stanton-social-IIPlace of the month

Like a freight train of food, the tapas at the Stanton Social just keep on coming. Dishes don't arrive in neat batches or at timed intervals, just steadily and continuously throughout your meal. Never knowing what will arrive next is half the fun, especially when the food is as full flavoured as this.

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Facebook-logo-fLogoObi Patrick - SKYN is a game changer for sexual protection
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twitter-birdJonny Williams Great product! Keep up the good work!...
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Forum-Speech-bubbleDerek - What a fantastic product 
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Forum-Speech-bubbleIsrael B - TIf you have not tried them, your missing out. 
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Forum-Speech-bubbleJoseph Stanislau - Best condom I ever wore. It felt like I wasn't wearing it
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