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SKYN® Original

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  • Premium revolutionary condom made from Polyisoprene 
  • Combines the strength of a premium latex condom with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom
  • Nominal width: 53mm*





SKYN® Extra Lubricated

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  • First extra lubricated Polyisoprene condom 
  • For those who want to enjoy the benefits of SKYN®, but with a more intense lubrication
  • Nominal width: 53mm*





SKYN® Large

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  • First Large Polyisoprene condom
  • For those who feel a bit tight in our SKYN® Original
    but still want to experience the closest thing to wearing nothing
  • Nominal width: 56mm*


SKYN® Variety Pack

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  • All 3 SKYN® polyisoprene condoms styles in a Variety Pack.
  • Includes 4 SKYN® Original, 4 SKYN® Extra Lubricated and 4 SKYN® Large











*Always use as directed by the instructions enclosed in the packaging. Proper use of SKYN® condoms will help reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy, sexually transmissible infections and diseases (STIs / STDs) and HIV / AIDS. Condoms are an efficient barrier. However, no method of contraception can provide 100% protection. Condoms are single use only!


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