1.Why do SKYN® Condoms Change Everything?

A SKYN® condom isn't made with natural rubber latex. It is made from Polyisoprene. In the world of condoms, Polyisoprene really is a revolutionary material. The different properties of Polyisoprene mean SKYN® condoms give a close to natural feeling with increased sensitivity. Sex for both of you feels comfortable and natural. The statistics tell their own story: 97% of people who try SKYN® condoms would recommend them*. So a lot of people agree. A SKYN® condom does change everything.

*Millward Brown survey conducted online in February 2011 among a sample of 244 men and women aged 16-50 years, SKYN® trialists.


2. What is Polyisoprene? Why is SKYN® the modern choice?

A SKYN® condom is made from Polyisoprene. Polyisoprene is not like natural rubber latex. The molecules in Polyisoprene are very different, and they give SKYN® condoms some quite revolutionary characteristics. Most importantly, this means a SKYN® condom gives a close to natural feeling. Plus SKYN® condoms are rigorously tested and meet the highest safety standards. So this makes SKYN® condoms as sensible as they are sensitive. All of which makes SKYN® condoms the modern choice.


3. What makes SKYN® condoms different to latex condoms?

SKYN® condoms are not made with natural rubber latex. This is important for a number of very good reasons.
You might have heard the phrase "I'm allergic to latex" used with condoms. If you use a condom made of natural latex rubber, your skin can react. These skin reactions may include latex allergy (type I), and other skin irritations. Symptoms of latex allergy usually occur within 30 minutes or earlier after exposure, and may include erythema (redness of the skin) and an itching sensation. In rare cases, symptoms of anaphylaxis may occur.
SKYN® condoms are manufactured in a separate facility to natural rubber latex, so the risk of contamination is reduced to a minimum.
That is why the Polyisoprene in SKYN® condoms is such a clever – not to mention sexy – material. It is not made with natural latex rubber, what makes SKYN® condoms a suitable choice for people with a known or suspected allergy to natural rubber latex.
So you know a SKYN® condom will always be sensitive and skin-kind.
CAUTION Some highly sensitive individuals may experience allergic reactions to ingredients in these condoms. Should you experience a reaction, irritation or burning sensation, discontinue use and seek medical advice.


4. Does Polyisoprene give the same level of protection as latex?

Whether you are protecting against pregnancy or STI's, always use a condom. You and your partner's sexual health should always come first.

The Polyisoprene in a SKYN® condom is just as good at protecting as a condom made from natural rubber latex. Given the sensation and sensitivity properties of Polyisoprene, this makes using a SKYN® condom twice as smart.

In any relationship, and especially in a long-term relationship, a SKYN® condom is an enjoyable way to practice safe-sex and aid in birth control.

Plus protected sex is the only way to guard against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and genital herpes. Chlamydia is particularly prevalent amongst young people, and in many countries, like the U.S. and Australia, it is the most commonly reported sexually transmitted infection.

Safe sex is smart sex. That is why a SKYN® condom is a natural and intelligent choice.


5. What other SKYN® products are there?

SKYN® Original, Large and Extra Lubricated. You can find out about their features on our products page.


6. Where can I find SKYN® condoms?

SKYN® condoms are available in many countries across the world.

For a full list of retailers, visit our where to find SKYN® page.


7. Why should I use them?

You do like sex don't you? Yes, we thought you did. And you do practice safe sex, don't you? That's a must. SKYN® condoms are a great and exciting way to have and do both.

The Polyisoprene in SKYN® condoms make them sensitive and soft whilst still keeping you both safe*. So you can protect against STIs or pregnancy whilst you and your partner are free do what you enjoy most.

Then there's the added factor that SKYN® condoms are not made from natural latex rubber. So you can kiss goodbye to latex allergies and reactions. You have the modern material, Polyisoprene, to thank for that too.

So SKYN® condoms really are quite revolutionary. And with 97% of people who have tried SKYN® recommending them**, you don't only have our word on that, either.

8. Do SKYN® condoms contain any glycerin, casein or other animal-based ingredients?

SKYN® condoms do NOT contain glycerin, casein or other animal-based ingredients.


9. What type of lubricant is used on SKYN® condoms?

The lubricant on our condoms is a silicone oil lubricant. The scientific name for silicone is Polydimethylsiloxane, which is a very common condom lubricant throughout the industry.  It is inert (non-reactive), and the safety of the silicone as a condom lubricant has been well established through a long history of use, scientific evidence, biocompatibility testing, etc. This lubricant is NOT a spermicide.

10. Are preservatives or parabens added on SKYN® condoms?

No preservatives and parabens are used in SKYN® condoms.

* Always use as directed by the instructions enclosed in the packaging. Proper use of SKYN® condoms will help reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy, sexually transmissible infections and diseases (STIs / STDs) and HIV / AIDS. Condoms are an efficient barrier. However, no method of contraception can provide 100% protection. Condoms are single use only!

** Millward Brown survey conducted online in February 2011 among a sample of 244 men and women aged 16-50 years, SKYN® trialists


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